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Fort Worth Swing Dance Syndicate is a non-profit organization based in Fort Worth, Texas on a mission to promote and preserve the rich cultural history and art of swing dancing. We host weekly social dances, complete with beginner and intermediate lessons in East Coast Swing / Lindy Hop followed by music and dancing. These songs can range from the early 1900's to the modern day.


In addition to weekly socials, FWSDS is committed to our community of swing dance friends that live here and gather together. We look to notify the community about events in the area, such as workshops, live bands, and other opportunities to help everyone experience the joy of dancing.


Meet The Board


Kris Garrett


Kris has been swing dancing since 2002. He enjoys learning new line dances and silly dance moves. He also enjoys pontificating on how to lead in dancing. Come to think of it, he just enjoys pontificating in general.



Michael Kelley


Michael has been swing dancing for a number of years. FWSDS is his main stomping ground, but you'll see him over in Dallas from time to time. His favorite styles are Lindy Hop, Charleston, East Coast, and Balboa.


Jack Sutter

Public Relations

Jack has been swing dancing since 2017 and has been a regular dancer and volunteer at FWSDS for most of that time.  Along the way, he has (quite accidentally) acquired a reputation for being the oddball dude who wears suits and/or ties at dances all the time.  Jack dances mainly East Coast Swing/Lindy Hop, but also dabbles in Collegiate Shag, Blues, and a bit of  Balboa.


Charity Weaver


Charity has been swing dancing since 2014. Though this is her first time on the FWSDS board, she was also the secretary of her college's swing dancing board. She primarily dances the follow position but also likes to lead from time to time.

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