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Celebrating 20 Years


with a Workshop, Live Music, and more!


From '03 to '23

We've been dancing all across the metroplex for decades, with different venues and board members all helping FWSDS to share the art of swing dance! The event will help showcase some of FWSDS' past all while enjoying what we love most - live music and dancing.

Our Weekend Pass Includes

Saturday Venue

CERA - 3300 Bryant Irvin Rd Fort Worth, TX 76109

We'll be having our mid-day workshop, as well as our evening live band dance at the CERA Recreation Complex! With beautiful big hardwood floors and surrounding space for seating, it'll be a fun space to dance in!



Here is the breakdown of our Saturday workshop & evening dance!

July 29th

9:30 AM

Doors Open

10 AM

Class 1

11 AM

Class 2

12 PM

Lunch Break

1:20 PM

Class 3

2:20 PM

Class 4

7 PM

Doors Open

7:30 PM

Beginner Lesson

8 PM

Live Music Begins

8:45 PM

Open J&J Prelims (Band Break)

9:45 PM

Open J&J Finals (Band Break)

10:40 PM

Invitational Comp. (Band Break)

11:45 PM

Late Night Bite @ Velvet Taco



Saturday Timeline

3:10 PM

Workshop Ends

There will be a 10 min break in between classes.

11:30 PM

Dance Ends

Workshop Classes

This is the class schedule for our workshop event! There will be dance ability expectations for the classes with track 2 where we will be focusing on connection and adding to your repertoire of moves.

Track 1: All Skate

Open to all skill levels

Track 2: Experienced Dancers

This is for those who can readily social dance Lindy Hop and basic side-by-side Charleston without thinking about their footwork. Lindy Hop basics expectations are being able to perform a swing out from open position, swing out from closed position, an inside turn, an outside turn, and the Lindy Circle. Our instructors will challenge even the highest level dancers who attend, as they will give advanced concepts and moves to those who are ready for added challenge. Be honest with yourself; we don’t want to hurt other people’s practice. If you are really struggling the instructors may discreetly ask you to watch that session or go to the track 1 class.

Track 1:
All Skate

Track 2:
Experienced Dancers

Class 1

Brigette & Daniel

The Basics

Ursula & Jeron

Lindy Hop Part I

Class 2

Maggie & Connor

Connecting With Your Partner

Brigette & Jeron

Lindy Hop Part II

Class 3

Ursula & Jeron

Shakin' Things Up

Maggie & Connor

Part II & 1/2

Class 4

Ursula & Daniel

Letting The Music Inspire You 

Brigette & Connor

Lindy With Charleston

*See Schedule above for times
**See on site event schedule for more details



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet the teachers we've brought together to teach at our morning workshop!

Evening Entertainment

We are a 6 piece traditional  New Orleans style group,  playing hot jazz, swing, dixieland, big band tunes and other varieties. You may hear some Sinatra style "croon tunes,"  an Elvis or Chuck Berry song or maybe even a polka or two, especially around Oktoberfest season. 

Layered Group 6_edited_edited.jpg


Jul 28-29*

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*Online registration closes midnight on 7/27/2023. After this, tickets can be purchased at the events.

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